Meet Lauren Batiste - Finance Customer Response Agent

Posted in Support Office on March 20, 2017
Author: Sam Reed

What was your background before joining Specsavers?
I worked at Ports Soif Kiosk and I loved this job! Out in the sun, talking to all the customers and being able to walk to work. However, when it turned to winter and the rain would come down all I could do was test the cake… which wasn’t so bad! 

In a nutshell, what do you do?
As a Finance Customer Response Agent I answer any finance query from the Stores (UK, ROI and Dutch) or Suppliers. I can help with setting up direct debits/standing orders, looking through Stocktake and helping Directors understand their management accounts.

What does your typical day look like?
I’m normally awake before my alarm even goes off – this is probably the only part of my day which is the same. Once at work I will continue to look into requests which I have previous logged, while also taking on new queries. 

What makes you most proud of your time at Specsavers so far?
I used to be quiet shy and quiet so I’m happy with how I have adjusted from being in a small kiosk to working in an environment with lots more people around. I wish to try for the ICS qualification later this year so that will be a proud moment if I can get all this completed.

How have you developed?
My confidence has increased a lot in this job, although having a customer based job prior to Specsavers it is completely different. 

What do you love about your job? What is a challenge?
I love the FCR Team to be honest! I just like speaking with the stores/suppliers and knowing I have helped with their queries. A challenge can be the variety of questions that we get asked, we can get asked anything!

Describe the Specsavers culture in three words
Dynamic, enthusiastic and friendly

What advice would you give someone looking to join Specsavers?
Just apply!  

Are you looking to join a family run business in a varied finance role? We are currently looking to grow this team, find out more details here.