Meet Ruby Finlayson - Retail Optical Apprentice

Posted in Apprenticeships on June 02, 2017
Author: Sam Reed

Why did you consider an apprenticeship and having done so why specifically Specsavers?

I was unsure after finishing school about my next steps and wanted to start working. I felt as though an apprenticeship would suit my learning. I worked in retail part time and thought about how I could progress my career when it came to me that I would like to get into optics. The Specsavers optical retail apprenticeship stood out to me and I really like the progression route within the company.

How was the application and selection process and the experience of joining Specsavers?

I applied online, it was very quick and easy. Within a week I attended an interview where we discussed the role and my previous experience then two weeks later I was working in the store.

How have you found learning with Specsavers?

I really love the various ways of learning within Specsavers, ilearn is fantastic you can find out so much information. They also have classroom training and in store training. On my apprenticeship I also learnt from the assessments that I completed.

What thoughts and plans for your career do you have when you complete this apprenticeship?

I am due to complete in the next two weeks, and I have already enrolled onto the next level for dispensing assistant which is the cert 3 qualification. I then plan to complete cert 4 and the dispensing optician course. My plan is to progress and develop to become an optometrist.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for an Apprenticeship at Specsavers?

My advice to someone applying for Specsavers or thinking about joining would be to go for it. I knew that I wanted to get into optics so it was easy for me. I feel that Specsavers offer a wide range of career opportunities and progression routes. I would highly recommend the apprenticeship as you learn so much and it pushes you to develop further.

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