Specsavers Finance 2020 vision: 'A trusted and connected team'

Posted in Support Office on June 07, 2017
Author: Caren Maguire

Caren Maguire talks about our Global Finance Vision, Purpose & Strategy

I am so excited about working with our Finance Leadership team and their teams to launch and cascade our Global Finance Vision, Purpose, Strategic Goals and Ways of Working which will set the direction of travel over the coming months and years. We are in the process of running a series of workshops to communicate these messages with our teams and at the same time take back any feedback that will lead to action and in turn improve the working lives of our Finance colleagues.

We have been considering both the scope and pace of change and its impact in the world of work; discussing the challenges this presents but also the exciting opportunities. Most of all, through these workshops the teams are developing a better understanding of what a people led change involves. They know they will not just have a new system and process change landed on them from left field but rather they are part of the development and testing of our future ways of working. We have received positive feedback that this approach has been credited with how they as individuals can stay motivated whilst working with multiple processes and systems.

Involving people is key to building our trusted and connected team. Without our people’s engagement and involvement we will not land strategic plans and sustained cultural improvements. 

As we know, times are changing faster than ever before and to support Specsavers Partners our Finance teams are evolving. Our organisation is both successful and disruptive - occupying the number one spot across our territories yet behaving like we are in the second position. Being privately owned means we can invest in our people and the technology to set us up for an even more successful future in a way that our competitors cannot.

Our Finance teams partner and support these investment decisions. Going forward we want to connect our Global Finance function in a way that enable them to collaborate at a pace to ensure we keep Specsavers in the top spot.  

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