Pupils focus on eye health

Posted in Emerging Talent on June 28, 2017
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

Promoting eye health in schools

Drumoak primary school were studying the human body as a project and as part of this Specsavers were invited along to talk about eyes and help them to learn more about eye health.

The presentation we carried out is very interactive, involving all the children in labelling the different parts of the eye, participating in a blinking experiment, feeling contact lenses, trying on glasses with large prescriptions and simulation spectacles showing how ocular conditions could affect your vision. We discussed how to keep our eyes healthy and looked at optical illusions. The children were very enthusiastic & enjoyed the various activities. I am sure they will remember the visit as they each received a Specsavers water bottle and Specsavers monster.

It is important for children to have their eyes tested routinely to ensure normal development of the eye, good ocular health and normal vision. We recommend an eye examination before starting school or at least by the age of eight, as the important stages of eye development have ceased by this age. The main aim of our school talks is to educate the importance of regular eye examinations and to encourage children to request to be taken for a test if they have not already. It may even get them thinking about a career in Optometry.

Schools interested in receiving a talk from Specsavers can contact Aberdeen on 01224 641234