Why Specsavers is a great place to work

Posted in Support Office on July 12, 2017
Author: Chelcie Mae West

Specsavers gives their people a lot of opportunities to grow - and I myself have received many - but my favourite yet is being asked to take the position as Head of Social here at Forum 6, Whiteley alongside my day job as a Major Incident Manager.

Firstly, I thought that had to be the coolest job title I’ve ever had and secondly, I thought of how much fun I could have with the role. I was given a budget to manage for the year and told that my main goal was to give the office staff lots of opportunities to have fun.

This was back in October 2015 and since then I have hosted 58 events. I could sit here and list every event and tell you all about them as I have attended every single one (!) - however I’ve been told I only have one side of A4 to write this blog on and unless I write this in code, I’d never fit it all in so here’s just a few I’d like to highlight...

Food and Drink Events

We are so lucky to have an office filled with people from around the globe - and what better to explore our cultures then to have themed food events! We celebrate Diwali and Holi with our colleagues from India. They make authentic food to share with all, we decorate the canteen and get dressed up in traditional wear.


We also have Toast Tuesday once a month where we provide breakfast for the office. We tend to theme this where possible so we’ve just had 4th of July Toast Tuesday with blueberry muffins!

Other food and drink events include irish stew for St Patrick’s Day, an Easter egg hunt, a Chinese buffet to celebrate the Chinese New Year, vineyard tours with tasting, a gin distillery tour and chocolate crafting.

Team Events

We love to get a Specsavers team together and take-part in various different activities. It’s so much fun to work as a team outside of the working environment. We’ve done quizzes...


paintballing… (don’t worry, we didn’t go in like that!)

and we still have go-karting at Thruxton and airsoft still to come!

Christmas Events

Christmas is a big time of year in our office - as I’m sure it is in many.

Each year, we host a christmas party for children and grandchildren of our staff. This is off-site at either a soft-play centre, community hall or, in this years’ case - a rock climbing venue! Food is provided and Santa even takes time out of his busy schedule to visit the children and hand them an early Christmas present. We try and time it so he can just pop in after his eye-test at his local Specsavers ;) Here’s a photo of the grotto we had setup last year so the children could walk through a winter wonderland (complete with artificial snow)!

Other events hosted at Christmas include our biggest raffle of the year which last year raised over £1000 for Wessex Cancer Trust and decorations competitions throughout the office.

Family Events

Family is at the heart of Specsavers, being that we are family-run so it is wonderful being able to make family memories at our social events. The biggest of its type is the Summer Fun Day. This event attracts around 120 families from Forum 6 and in total hosts around 350 people. There’s food, drink, face painting, bouncy castles, fairground rides, rock climbing and so much more. This year, we were blessed with sunshine and not a cloud in sight!

We also host craft workshops frequently, kindly run by our Deputy Head of Social which staff bring their children/grandchildren (and mum’s in my case) to handcraft cards and gifts.

Office Celebrations

Specsavers sure do know how to celebrate. Once a year - we host a themed day across all our offices. Teams dress up to the theme and decorate their desks to compete to win the ultimate title of ‘Best Overall Team’. The day is full of good food, snacks and entertainment throughout the office and even spreading out to the car park. This year saw a casino in our canteen, a racing simulator in a meeting room and human hungry hippos in the car park!


And there we have it. Chelcie’s blog on why Specsavers is a great place to work :)

Interested in joining in with the family fun? You can find out about all our current opportunities here