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Posted in Emerging Talent on July 24, 2017
Author: Sam Reed

Kiki Soteri, our Head of Enhanced Optical Services (EOS), explains why the support you’ll get at Specsavers is so unique.

Committed to you

Being a pre-reg at Specsavers is an experience you’ll get nowhere else. This comes down to the overlapping benefits of three different elements that will support you. Here’s a quick overview: 

  1. Your supervisor and the store team within your practice are your daily support – they provide the structure within which you will get all the relevant experience you need in primary care, dispensing and contact lens cases. 
  2. The Specsavers Pre-reg Programme: While of course you‘ll be responsible for your own personal development, as required by the College of Optometrists, you will also benefit from a series of additional residential courses with over 350 other pre-reg optometrists as part of the industry-leading Specsavers Pre-reg Programme.
  3. Professional Advancement Directorate: You will enter your professional life at the forefront of your peer group. With the support of the Professional Advancement team you will have a unique opportunity to be assessed and accredited to deliver Enhanced Optical Services as soon as you have a GOC number – and that’s just for starters! Our commitment to Transforming Eye Health will nurture your desire to develop clinically as well as commercially.

We’re committed to giving everyone at Specsavers all the learning and development opportunities they need to achieve their full potential.

You can see a full list of the pre-reg positions we have available here

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With a number of pre-reg positions available nationwide you have a wide range of employment opportunities. Look and find your niche. Make it somewhere you can thrive. 

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