Raising awareness of a career in aviation

Posted in Support Office on August 23, 2017
Author: Sam Reed

Specsavers Aviation Bursary – Winner announced

Back in March, we opened our Aviation Bursary for the third year in Guernsey looking to help a budding pilot start their flying career.

In total, we had 11 applications and after an initial selection process, 5 were invited to attend a rigorous assessment day in our Guernsey office which included a group exercise, written test and individual interviews.

All who attended gained invaluable experience and insight into how to prepare for future aviation interviews.

This year our lucky winner was Alex Kilminster who received 10 hours of flying a four-seater Piper Warrior aircraft alongside a qualified instructor from Guernsey Flying Training whilst being mentored by one of the Specsavers experienced, professional pilots and he received a prestigious Specsavers Aviation trophy engraved with his name alongside previous bursary winners.

Alex commented: ‘I applied for the bursary to gain an insight into how airline selection processes work. After being lucky enough to be invited to attend the assessment day, I learned a lot about what is required of airline candidates in tasks such as interviews and group activities. Winning the bursary means so much to me. I believe that receiving this prize will help me achieve my ambition of becoming an airline pilot due to the knowledge I have gained from the Aviation Bursary selection as well as the flying hours awarded. Mentorship from Specsavers Aviation's Senior First Officer Adam Bright will also be an invaluable experience.

Nick Davies, Chief Pilot said ‘This is such a worthwhile event.  It is always very satisfying to play a part in promoting what we do to the local community, if we are able to encourage others into our industry it is a win-win for aviation and Guernsey.’

Watch this space for details of next year’s bursary!