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Posted in Apprenticeships on August 29, 2017
Author: Sam Reed

Meet Amelia Kendrick who joined us as an apprentice but

then decided on a slightly different career path

Why did you consider an apprenticeship and having done so why specifically Specsavers?
Optics was something I had never actually thought about previously, I kind of stumbled upon it but after reading up on the job role and meeting the manager during my interview I realised that it was a brilliant opportunity. Doing an apprenticeship enabled me to learn new skills in a fast paced environment whilst being paid for it.

How was the application and selection process and the experience of joining Specsavers?
I attended my interview just before Christmas and started the job in the January, during the first couple of weeks I met my assessor and had a lot of information to take on but my colleagues were very happy to help with any questions I had.

How have you found learning with Specsavers?
I had previously attended college and it was all very structured by sitting in a room listening to somebody talk at you, doing an apprenticeship is a lot more hands on and I was learning so much with no day being the same. Every 6 weeks or so I had written assignments to complete but there was also practical assessments.

What thoughts and plans for your career do you have when you complete this apprenticeship?
I have already finished my apprenticeship now but during my apprenticeship I was made our stores In store trainer, this involves helping other people with their development and running weekly training sessions. Specsavers has a vast library of training information on iLearn (an online learning portal) and I feel this really helps as it is one of the tools I can use when planning training sessions.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for an Apprenticeship at Specsavers?
I would say that if anybody is considering an apprenticeship, the Specsavers one is a brilliant one to consider, Specsavers are really keen on people's development and you can work your way up after completing your apprenticeship. I started my apprenticeship with Specsavers when I was 21 after having no optical experience and during the year long course I learnt a lot of new skills which I put into practice every single day.
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