Progressing my career in Finance with Specsavers

Posted in Support Office on September 21, 2017
Author: Sam Reed

Meet Liesel Vaughan - FSSC Team Leader

(Bank Reconciliations)

What was your background before joining Specsavers?
Prior to working at Specsavers, I worked at Virgin Media as a collections advisor, whilst working there I made the decision I wanted to work within finance and decided I wanted a degree in Finance Accounting & Management so I continued to work part time whilst studying.

In a nutshell, what do you do?
I am responsible for ensuring all UK stores and head office entities are reconciled daily/weekly and ensuring that any and all variances are investigated and resolved.

What does your typical day look like?
No one day is ever the same, my role requires a lot of reprioritising every day as there is always something new that needs looking at.

What makes you most proud of your time at Specsavers so far?
That I have been able to grow with the business as it changes and my roles change. I started working within the contact centre which gave me a better understanding of Specsavers customers which I have taken to my various roles in the Finance Shared Service Centre (FSSC). I am proud that I have consistently been able to just build upon my knowledge and become a valued member of the FSSC.

How have you developed?
I always strive to consistently develop and challenge myself. This started whilst I was in the contact centre finishing my degree, this continued when I moved into the FSSC as I wanted to move to a role that utilised some of the people management skills I had developed. This then meant I was suitable for a senior position and then team leader positions that followed. I am currently studying ACCA with Specsavers support so I can become a fully qualified accountant and then who knows where I want to go from there.

What do you love about your job? What is a challenge?
I love how I am challenged with new or complex work each day, it makes it interesting and enjoyable to come to work. The challenge with my role is sometimes high workloads, the better our stores do (or the more stores that are set up) the more work that we tend to see, but I manage this with the support of my team (who are fantastic workers).

Describe the Specsavers culture in three words
Supportive, unique and fast-paced.

What advice would you give someone looking to join Specsavers?
I would advise them that Specsavers will go out of their way to support and develop you if you show them your potential. If you work hard and go that extra mile they do notice and you will go far.

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