'I'm proud to be a Hearcare Joint Venture Partner'

Posted in Partnership on October 13, 2017
Author: Sam Reed

Meet Ryan Forbes - Hearcare Partner in Glasgow

In a nutshell what do you do & what does your typical day look like?
I am extremely proud to say that I am a Joint Venture Partner (JVP) in the Glasgow Hearcare business. What does my typical day look like? Thats a difficult one - no day is exactly the same. That is the beauty of working with Specsavers & being a JVP. I can be testing a customers hearing at the start of my day, meeting with fellow optical partners in the afternoon & then having a conference call by the end. My days are so varied & interesting it’s hard to pinpoint what my “typical day looks like”. It’s such a diverse role, I feel lucky & privileged to have the position. 

What makes you most proud of your time at Specsavers so far?
Wow, that’s a tough question. I’m really proud of all of my time at Specsavers, however, some highlights would include being able to work with some pretty amazing people, winning the coveted Hearcare award at the Specsavers Excellence awards ceremony in 2011. That was pretty awesome to be recognised for the work that I had done since becoming a Partner. I would also have to say that the teams I get to work with, I’m proud to call colleagues from head office support teams to local partners. They are supportive, driven & we all have a common passion - excellence in customer service & a drive to make this business succeed.

How have you developed?
I have developed in so many ways. Both personally & professionally. The journey so far has been diverse & enlightening. I have learned so much about the world of retail, business, customer service but also my own capabilities. I began my career as an optical assistant, I then embarked on my training to become an Hearing Aid Dispenser, I then became an Hearcare Joint Venture Partner & working with Specsavers. It’s pretty much an incredible journey that I have been lucky enough to experience.

What do you love about your job? What is a challenge?
What do I love? All of it. Because the role is so diverse, the customer is at the centre of everything that we do & the support team we have around us are so effective - it’s hard not to love it.

The challenge is certainly to strive & continue to be the best you can be, the competition is always right at your heels. It’s always being aware that the customer is king & that in fact, they can fire me at any point. All they have to do is not shop with us any longer.

Describe the Specsavers culture in three words
Customer, supportive & visionary.

What advice would you give someone looking to join Specsavers?
Do it. I feel very privileged to be part of such a unique business. I have been given the opportunity to run my own business in the field that I studied in with a powerful brand behind me. Be prepared to put the hard work in of course. I have grown in many ways, I have met & made some fabulous friends along the way. It’s an amazing opportunity, don’t let it pass you by. 

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