Best of the best - Rewarding our employees

Posted in Stores on November 01, 2017
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

Customer First round 3 winners

The Customer First Awards run every year and we decided to start this so our stores and colleagues can get the recognition they deserve for the exceptional service they provide to our customers.

The third rounds of this year’s Customer First winners have been announced and a total of 55 qualifying nominations were received! A record number of entries!! 8 Excellence, 14 Outstanding and 31 Commendations. A big well done to everyone who entered and the winners mentioned below.

For those who have gone above and beyond expectations for customer service. The winner will receive a certificate signed by Dame Mary Perkins, a gold and diamond star pin badge and £/€50 Amazon gift voucher.

  • Megan Watson - Barrow in Furness
  • Caesha Taiani - Redruth
  • Eloise Smith and Shabbar Hasan - Droitwich
  • Jasmine Davis - Scunthorpe 
  • Georgia Eason and Alex Brightwell - Acomb
  • Sandra Lassandro - Ashton under Lyne

For those who have gone the extra mile for a customer/customers. The winner will receive a certificate signed by Dame Mary Perkins, silver and diamond star pin badge  and £/€25 Amazon gift voucher.

  • Rachael Sutherland and Pippa Thompson - Oxford
  • Jemila Leigh - Chorley
  • Debra Jones - Eccles
  • Jade Hetherington - Barrow in Furness
  • Jill - Barrow in Furness
  • Lisa Carter - Cannock
  • Andy Robertson, Kerry Scott and Sharon Goodwill - Preston
  • Wendy Storer - Sutton Coldfield 
  • Gillian Scott and Peter Kain - Stranraer
  • Nita Limbu - West Bridgford

For those who have 'wowed' their customer. This will be awarded with a commendation certificate.

  • Dan Theckston - Petersfield
  • Rebekah Crocombe - Canterbury
  • Clare Eagle and Tracey Seary - Bridgend
  • Bernadette Clarke - Fallowfield
  • David Viner - Gravesend
  • Andrew Titley - Birmingham
  • Wendy Ferguson, Mia Furr, Scott Ellis, Mollie King and Lisa Gathercole - Nottingham
  • Tahira Ali - Ashton
  • Derek Kirbey - Clondalkin
  • Yasmin Osten - Barrow in Furness
  • Rebecca Haines - Blackwood
  • Agne Bradauskiene - Wick
  • Krishma Patel - St Neots
  • Benedict Grant - Hucknall
  • Matthew Thoume - Redruth
  • Abbey Worrall and Gemma Beard - Crewe
  • Kirsty Doyle - Swinton
  • Rebecca Stewart-Clarke and Sharon Marjery - Milton Keynes
  • Tara Wallis - Keighley
  • Jeremy Creed and Lauren Judge - Guernsey
  • Sam Rogers, Karl Darikwa and Nichola Caveney - West Bridgford 

Overall Excellence Winner

Every December Dame Mary Perkins will select one or more Customer First winners from throughout the year to receive a special prize, to be recognised as the best of the best of the best.

You can read the stories here from our 2016 Overall Excellence winners