Optometry is an excellent profession to be in

Posted on November 03, 2017
Author: Sam Reed

Meet Priti Rajbhandary who completed her summer placement with us 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your decision to study Optometry?
I was brought up in Canada and I decided to go abroad to study Optometry. I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to experience a new culture. Studying in England also gave me a chance to travel which has been amazing and I'm looking forward to more! I've always been interested in the study of eyes, but I've always been someone who would like to give back to the society, and Optometry was the perfect option.

How have you found doing your summer placement with Specsavers?
My placement experience at Specsavers was full of new learning material. Since I'd never actually worked in practice, I was able to gain hands on practical skills. The staff at Specsavers were able to provide the help I needed when it came to helping customers such as dispensing. I was more familiar with the assessment of patients in an examination room in the clinic as I've been exposed to it more at university , therefore an extra hand, especially when it came to dispensing glasses , was very useful. With the support of the staff at Specsavers I was able to overcome challenges such as interacting with patients and customers and learned new skills that will be valuable to my career. I'm very excited to start my Pre-reg with Specsavers.

What did a typical day/week in store look like?
A typical day at the practice started off with a meeting before the store opened. The staff communicated with each other in terms of new goals to reach for the week or day. To cover the modules on the workbook, I was able to talk to my supervisor as well as my manager to know at which times patients would be coming in for a specific assessment. This way I managed to answer the questions provided in the workbook as I was given the opportunity to observe inside the examination room. My supervisor as well as fellow Optometrists were available at all times to answer any questions I had. They were also able to help me with any techniques or equipment I was struggling with in practice.

What have you learnt at Specsavers so far?
Sitting in on patient assessments done by the optometrists at the clinic was very beneficial. I gained insight on what type of patients usually come in and why they come in to get examined. For example, I noticed there were quite a few varifocal patients seen on a day to day basis. I also expanded on my knowledge on how to go about with an elderly patient as well as young children.

How have you developed?
With the pre reg program, I feel more confident going into practice after my final year is over. With this experience I am more comfortable interacting with patients.

What did you love about the job? What was a challenge?
The support given by the staff was the best part about my pre reg placement. I'd like to develop my communication skills with more practice which I will do at my university.

What are your thoughts and plans for your career once you have qualified?
Once I'm qualified I plan on starting my conversion process to go back to Canada. Nevertheless, I've had an exceptional experience having an opportunity to be part of Specsavers. I also plan to expand on my knowledge with research.

Describe the Specsavers culture in three words
Professional, innovative and valued.

What advice would you give someone looking to start a career in optometry?
Optometry is an excellent profession to be in. It's a good combination of science and service. I've had the most amazing time at University. It's all about working hard and staying on top of your work.

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