From Pre Reg to Partner in only a few years

Posted in Partnership on November 24, 2017
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

At Specsavers, you’ll find our stores are committed to giving every individual
that joins their team the learning and development opportunities they need to achieve their full potential.

Everybody is different. Not just in terms of the personal qualities, knowledge and experience they bring, but also in their aspirations. That's why, when you join Specsavers with a real drive to succeed, a personal development plan will be put in place to ensure your individual talents and ambitions are both acknowledged and met.

Back in 2013, after Pre-reg Optometrist Lisa Marshall joined Specsavers Dundee and qualified as a fully-trained clinician, Retail Director Jamie Buchan was quick to sit her down to draw up a career plan. This plan was to be an important step in both Lisa and Jamie’s careers at Specsavers, as Jamie explains:  

‘This career plan was my commitment to her and her commitment to me. It was totally visible and totally accountable. If I let her down, she would know it. If she let me down, she would know it.’

Jamie’s commitment to Lisa’s progression resulted in the newly-qualified Optometrist quickly rising through the ranks at Dundee, before completing an Independent Prescribing course and moving over to become Principal Optometrist at Jamie’s Arbroath store. All within the space of four years.

And then, just over a year ago, Jamie and his fellow store director Kenny Johnston decided that Lisa deserved the chance to be put through the Specsavers Partnership programme. ‘We spotted real potential in Lisa during her time in my Dundee practice, Jamie says, ‘and she continued to prove to be an asset when promoted to Principal Optometrist in Arbroath last summer. Within weeks Kenny and I just knew it was the right choice to put her through the Partnership programme.’

With the support and backing of both Directors, Lisa successfully completed the Partnership programme and became Jamie’s Ophthalmic Partner in Specsavers Arbroath at the start of this year. On achieving her new position, Lisa had a few words to say about the opportunities and responsibility this different role would bring:  

‘I am thrilled to become a partner in the Arbroath store. It didn't take me long after joining the team here to realise this is where I wanted to take up a Partnership opportunity…I’m looking forward to continuing to get to know our fantastic customers and helping to ensure we offer the best eye care advice and customer service possible.’

The commitment and support shown towards Lisa by Jamie is a prime example of how people at Specsavers work together to achieve excellence. The pace at which Lisa could progress and make the most of her talents as a clinician is a testament to both the unwavering support of her Director and the forward-thinking attitude of Arbroath Specsavers.

‘Specsavers may be seen by some as “The Big Green Machine,”’ Jamie says, ‘but our support for our people is unwavering. Lisa’s progress is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when a store and its people come together to inspire young talent to succeed.’

If you’d like the chance to join a business that not only works hard to develop its people but also champions the skills and talents they gain, take a look at some of the opportunities we currently have available across the UK and Ireland.

If you’d like to discuss your ambitions in more detail, our in-house recruitment team are always on hand to advise. You can reach the team on or by phone on 01566 771888.

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