Specsavers Scotland are getting ready for their 'Pre-Reg Bootcamp'

Posted in Stores on November 30, 2017
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

Meet William Lok, EOS Support Consultant

At Specsavers in Scotland, there’s a real focus on ensuring clinicians are well-equipped to provide the best care possible for their patients.

Not only is Scotland the first region to roll-out OCT across all its stores to benefit its existing staff, it’s also a region that provides outstanding support for its new clinicians.

As William Lok (EOS Support Consultant for Specsavers Scotland) told us, Scottish stores have introduced a new clinical course to welcome their yearly Pre-reg intake. The ‘Pre-reg Bootcamp,’ as it’s known, is a week-long course designed to ease the students’ transition between working in an academic environment and practicing in a busy, real-life clinic.

By supporting Pre-reg’s just before or after they start in store, William says the Bootcamp gives graduates a fighting chance to hit the ground running on their first day. As their first shift in the test room can seem quite daunting, providing Pre-reg’s with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their environment and chat to experienced clinicians before officially starting is a great way to help them build the confidence they will need in their new role.

What’s more, getting the Pre-reg’s in early allows the existing clinical staff to prepare them for the realities of working in a busy store. As most Pre-reg’s have a primarily academic background, it’s important that they get to grips with treating the general public in a retail environment. Therefore, William says, it’s really beneficial to get the graduates in early to discuss what they’ve learnt about the testing process and how best to streamline their skills to make them more efficient in a real-life practice.            

If you’d like the opportunity to join a company that goes the extra mile to support its clinicians from the very beginning of their career, take a look at some of the opportunities Specsavers currently have available across Scotland.

If you’d like to discuss your ambitions in more detail, our in-house recruitment team are always on hand to advise. You can reach the team on uk.recruitment@specsavers.com or by phone on 01566 771888.