Specsavers Optometrists take their expertise outside the test room with University clinics

Posted on December 11, 2017
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

At Specsavers, there’s a real focus on championing clinicians’ personal development.

Your success as an individual comes down to so much more than your valuable time spent in store, which is why Specsavers is committed to offering its people the chance to progress both inside and outside the test room.

We spoke to Martin McNeill, Optometrist at our Glasgow Trongate Centre store, to discuss how working at Specsavers has allowed him to develop his skills as a clinician.

Martin told us about a new scheme that his Director at the Trongate store, David Quigley, has been backing; where Optometrists get the opportunity to take a day out of the test room and run clinics for students at the nearby Glasgow Caledonian University.

Every week, either Martin or one of his fellow Optometrists, Helen Anderson or Karen Tytler, take a trip to GCU to supervise and offer advice to the university’s Optometry pre-reg students. As part of the scheme, they oversee both Optometry and Contact Lens clinics for the final year students, in order to give them the opportunity to practice and test their skills outside of the classroom and with real patients.

Specsavers also run a separate "Drop-In Clinic" for the students, where they can book in for hour long slots of supervised time away from their alloted univeristy clinics. Several Glasgow stores take part in this clinic, including Trongate, the Forge and the Fort. Martin says that the sessions Specsavers Optometrists run are really popular with the students, as they enjoy getting the chance to go over sections of their course syllabus away from the pressures of upcoming assessments and exams. The clinics are generally quite hands-on and Martin notes that this allows him to re-examine his own knowledge at the same time as passing it on, meaning the whole experience is equally as rewarding for the visiting Optometrists as it is their students.

What’s more, forming a strong link with the university allows Martin and Helen to get to know the students before they graduate, building relationships with future clinicians that will hopefully continue well into the future.

Martin says it’s thanks to the encouragement and support of Director David Quigley and Specsavers as a business that the scheme is so successful. The store is now looking forward to welcoming a few GCU graduates through its doors and hopes the collaboration between the university and Specsavers will continue for years to come.

If you’d like the opportunity to join a practice that not only works hard to develop its clinicians but also champions the skills and talents they gain, take a look at some of the opportunities we currently have available for qualified Optometrists in Scotland.

If you’d like to discuss your ambitions in more detail, our in-house recruitment team are always on hand to advise. You can reach the team on uk.recruitment@specsavers.com or by phone on 01566 771888.