Self-employed Optometrists invited to Domiciliary Shadow Day with Specsavers

Posted on January 18, 2018
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

More and more self-employed Optometrists are getting into Domiciliary work and realising the benefits of working with Specsavers Healthcall. So, why is Domiciliary work growing as an option and how can Optometrists experience the opportunity for themselves?

A role with a difference, a role you need to experience

Working out on the road offers an opportunity for Optical professionals to stretch their legs in a professional sense, and experience an ever-changing working environment.

Domiciliary work goes above and beyond providing a traditional eye test. Each day, our Optometrists give the gift of clear vision to people whose eye care may have been neglected for years. The role is key to giving patients their independence back, and in effect, impact their lives in an extraordinary way.  Tina Dickinson, a Specsavers Healthcall partner, talks about the dignity in home visits and her experiences as a Domiciliary Optometrist in this Optician Online article.

There could be as many as 1.6 million people in our communities that are unable to attend the Opticians without assistance, according to recent figures. Consequently, Specsavers is continuing to expand their service, making it their mission to help as many of these people as possible. So there is a real drive for clinically motivated and customer focussed Optometrists to join Specsavers and make this vision a reality.

Experience Domiciliary work first-hand with paid shadow days at Specsavers

Without trying it, it’s impossible to know how much of a great option Domiciliary locum work really is. Specsavers Healthcall are inviting self-employed Optometrists to join them for paid Domiciliary Shadow Days across the UK. On the day, attendees will observe a day in the life of a Domiciliary Optometrist and experience first-hand how life changing and diverse the work is. Not only will this provide an understanding of the difference this role makes, it will highlight how clinically engaging the work is, as Domiciliary Optometrists typically encounter more complex eye conditions in the role.

This Shadow Day will qualify attendees to work as a Domiciliary Locum Optometrist for Specsavers Healthcall, opening the door to more opportunities in the future at market leading rates.

If you would like more information, or you are ready try something new with a paid Healthcall Shadow Day, please contact our self-employed recruitment team on 01566 771888 or