Developing your skills...apprenticeships have changed!

Posted on February 14, 2018
Author: Sam Reed


Today, apprenticeships enable Specsavers to provide new team members with alternative structured learning programmes, to develop their careers and gain new knowledge and skills for them to be successful in an ever-changing workplace. Apprenticeships enable you to learn, get qualified, gain experience and get paid to do a job.

There is a broad range of apprenticeship opportunities across Specsavers, from Intermediate to Degree Level.

For the duration of the apprenticeship programme, the employee receives a wage, time to study and support from their Apprenticeship Training Provider. Some of our apprenticeship programmes are delivered by our in-house apprenticeship team, some are through our delivery partners.

An apprenticeship at Specsavers typically includes specific training activities, online learning, the completion of assignments and projects, and regular coaching and review sessions throughout. You’ll also be expected to study English, Maths and British Values.

Your local manager and your Assessor Coach will work with you to prepare you to pass your Apprenticeship End Point Assessment and complete your apprenticeship.

All those undertaking an apprenticeship programme will be employed by one of our high street stores, our supply chain or support offices.

In addition to being employed and following a structured learning programme, apprentices are able to benefit from an NUS extra card, enabling them to receive discounts across a wide range of retail and entertainment.

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