Meet Paul Blower, our Regional Recruitment Manager

Posted on August 16, 2018
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

What was your background before you joined SRS?
Prior to joining SRS, I ran my own commercial recruitment business for 18 years. I set the business up at the age of 26 in 1999 and sold my shares out in 2018.

What does recruitment mean to you?
I started in recruitment at the age of 24 and I’m still working in the industry today, so I guess recruitment means a lot to me. I’ve always loved my job as it’s so varied but more importantly,
it gives me the opportunity to help people. I will never get bored of that aspect of my job as it gives me great satisfaction, even after 20 years!

What does your day-to-day role involve? 
This is a really good question. At the end of every day I always write up a plan for the following day but a day in recruitment is never that straightforward. The job role can be very unpredictable depending on what happens in the moment. I often have the best intentions of ticking off certain tasks but then the phone rings, emails come through and then all of a sudden, you’re off on a completely different tangent. I love that about my job though, as it keeps me on my toes and no two days are ever the same.

My job is very sociable. Quite often I’m talking on the phone, whilst sending a text and scanning incoming emails. They say that men can’t multi-task, but if that was the case, I would have failed at this job a long time ago! I’m constantly talking to store partners about their needs and what we can do differently to attract Optometrists. On the flip side of this, I’m out there talking to Optometrists making myself known to them with a view to building their trust in me as a recruiter. I’m fortunate in the fact that people have always warmed to me very quickly. Maybe it’s because I’m generally upbeat and friendly and they can sense that I actually do care.

Has anything surprised you in your role since you joined SRS?
I think the team’s passion for finding people jobs in stores they know they will thrive in has surprised me quite a bit. Quite often in recruitment, you find consultants aren’t too concerned with individual cases beyond recruiting and placing another ‘candidate’ - but here, the consultants are incredibly passionate about supporting the people they talk to, even after they’ve placed them. A great amount of work goes into sourcing the right role for the right individual.

What’s the one bit of advice you always give your candidates?
This one’s easy: Money isn’t everything. There are so many other factors in your job that will make your working life more fulfilling. Money doesn’t buy you friends, respect and more importantly, happiness.

How has working with Specsavers stores impacted the way you view recruitment?
As you now know, I’ve worked in the recruitment industry for many years and no matter where you work or the industry you work in, recruitment is generally the same. You assist people who are looking for staff and also assist people who are looking for jobs.

What makes a difference is the people you work with. To me, being happy in my job is the most important factor and it’s generally the people you work with and the support you have that allows you to be happy at work. Although I work from home, I never feel alone as support is always on hand. Not just from the SRS team but also from the group and the store partners. This hasn’t necessarily impacted my view on recruitment but it has impacted the way a business should be run and Specsavers do this incredibly well!

What has been your proudest moment so far at SRS?
This has to be the positive feedback that I’ve had in such a short space of time. Everyone who I have dealt with at group level and in the stores have been so welcoming and extremely kind and open with their praise. With me, a pat on the back goes a really long way and I’m proud to say that I’ve had a few of these now, both in verbal and in written form. I love my job and it’s really important to me that I do it properly and make a success of it. This feedback fuels my fire to go on and do better things, so thank you.

Describe the SRS office in three words:
Dynamic, Fun, Dedicated.

What should people do if they want to get in touch with you?
Just talk to me and we can take it from there. My door is always open and my phone is always switched on. I can talk until the cows come home but I’m also a very good listener. I don’t have the answers to every problem but I will always try and come up with a solution. Might not be a perfect solution but my motto is: Trying is 100% better than doing nothing.

Anything else you’d like to add:
Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome and if anyone needs my help, just pick up the phone and call me!