“I can honestly say that coming into Domiciliary is the best move I’ve ever made for my work/life balance.”

Posted on September 06, 2018
Author: Lifeatspecsavers


We talked to Zetun Arif and Charlotte McGimpsey, domiciliary partners with Specsavers Home Visits, about how sociable hours and working Monday to Friday has had a positive impact on their lives.

Charlotte told us, “Having twenty years’ experience in retail, you get used to giving up your weekends as Monday to Friday is so rare. Working in domiciliary
is great and really important to me because it gives me the time at the weekend to have a social life. This job works around me and it gives me the flexibility to have a really great work-life balance.”
Zetun added, “It’s really important to me too because I have just started a family. Now we’ve got the weekends to have time together whereas before, when I was working weekends, I found that time to be quite fractured. With Specsavers home visits, you don't miss out on any of those important moments.”

Moving away from the high street also means moving away from the typical working patterns of retail. Zetun and Charlotte not only have their weekends back, they also have bank holidays off, and work sociable hours with no late nights too. This allows the pair to have more time with family, friends, and doing what they enjoy. In Zetun’s case in particular, having weekends off has meant better opportunities for her children.

She explained, “I have a little girl who does a lot of gymnastics and trains for over ten hours a week. A lot of my weekend is spent taking her there and bringing her back, and she wouldn't have those opportunities if I had to work weekends because we simply wouldn't be able to get her there.”

The opportunity to work Monday to Friday has been such a rarity to Zetun and Charlotte throughout their optical careers, it now plays a huge role in their job satisfaction and gives them a good sense of incentive and motivation.

“I feel like having sociable working hours means I appreciate the role I have a lot more; work is important, but I feel more empowered to do it because I know I've got my weekends free. I enjoy my work because I don't resent my weekend's being taken away from me,” Zetun told us.

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