“No two days are the same in Domiciliary, that's what we love about the job.”

Posted on September 19, 2018
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

Zetun Arif and Charlotte McGimpsy, Directors of Specsavers Home Visits covering Manchester and Liverpool, really enjoy the day-to-day variety that comes with working in domiciliary. The pair have been in their roles for the past five years, but their passion for working on the road hasn’t ceased.

“I love the fact that domiciliary work is so varied. It doesn't feel commonplace, it doesn't feel routine. You're really helping people and you get to see a lot of different locations. When we’re doing a home test, we never know what we're going to be faced with until we walk into the room. It's really interesting and it makes you think outside the box about how to work as an optician in your job,” Zetun told us. Charlotte added, “I enjoy the variety in my job because there's no boredom and you’ve got to be a quick thinker. We see a diverse range of people, and they’re all so happy to see us because we do a really good job.”

Working out on the road offers variety in location and diversity from test to test. Zetun and Charlotte have become skilled in adapting to their ever-changing surroundings, ensuring their patients get an excellent and thorough service. Patients are quite often confined to chairs or beds with varying head postures and needs, meaning the domiciliary team have to adapt to suit the patient and it’s different everywhere they go. Because of this, every day in domiciliary presents new challenges, so it’s important to Zetun and Charlotte to be working as part of a solid and supportive team.

Zetun explained, “Working for Specsavers home visits, I think the biggest tool you've got in your arsenal is your optical assistant because they're there for ongoing support. They’re there to help you day-to-day by dealing with customers and aiding dispensing. The partnership is so important and I don't think all domiciliary companies have that at their disposal.”

However, no matter how different every day is, there is always one recurring theme on every visit they make: and that is the immense gratitude of the patients and carers they meet. Zetun and Charlotte change the lives of society’s most vulnerable people every day, by helping them to see and enjoy the world around them once again.

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