The Clinical Side of Domiciliary Optometry

Posted on October 17, 2018
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

Zetun Arif, Domiciliary Optometrist with Specsavers Home Visits, talked to us about why she enjoys the increased pathology and complex eye conditions that come with doing home visits, and what that means to her as an optical professional.

“Though we do have some younger patients, the general demographic is older
people. So, the amount of pathology we see is increased and we see quite a wide range of conditions. I've learnt to really use my knowledge of those conditions to adapt the vision as best I can for my customers.”

Zetun, like many other Domiciliary Optometrists, has a store-based background and has found Domiciliary to be more clinical than anything she has done previously. Working in domiciliary has helped Zetun feel more competent and confident in herself as a professional, making for a role that always feels engaging.

“When I first qualified as an Optometrist and I was store based, I did find that the knowledge I was using was quite limited to certain demographic of patient. I’m finding now, in domiciliary work, I can utilise my knowledge a lot better.”

Not only does Zetun draw on her existing skills to help people, the nature of her role and her continued education and development means she is constantly building on her knowledge. Alongside the most common conditions, such as Glaucoma, Cataracts and Macular Degeneration, Zetun is constantly exposed to different and more unfamiliar conditions at varying stages, meaning there is always something new for her to see and learn.

“I’ve found that I’m always seeing new conditions, so I'm always learning. Sometimes I have to open my textbooks, because some of the conditions can be quite obscure. It's really interesting. I'm carrying on with my CET too, which is specific to the type of patients which I'm seeing, which really helps me help my patients.”

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