“Domiciliary doesn’t feel like hard work because we help people - and we love doing it.”

Posted on October 31, 2018
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

Zetun Arif and Charlotte McGimpsey have been the Directors for Specsavers Home Visits covering Manchester and Liverpool for the past five years. By choosing to do Domiciliary work, they have combined their careers in optics with the opportunity to change lives. 

“Our patients just love us. We saw a lady the other day, she was so thankful
that we’d just turned up, and she was so happy that we could help her see again. I’ve known patients to cry and hug us - they just can't believe that we've gone out and given them a service, then in a couple of weeks they’re going
to be able to see again,” Charlotte told us.

A Domiciliary sight test can be beyond lifechanging for the patient. Zetun and Charlotte use their skills and professional experience to improve the lives of these people and their families. A lot of people they visit may not have seen a clinician in a long time, meaning issues with their vision or eye conditions may have worsened considerably and they are now in desperate need of care.

Zetun told us, “A lot of people we see have struggled along for years and they've just managed with their vision, but the only pleasure they have in life is using their eyes. We see a gentleman who makes dolls houses - so it’s so important that he can see.” Charlotte added, “When you're disabled and you have the inability to get out, you only have two senses really: hearing and seeing. So being able to help them see again – it’s so rewarding for us.”

The difference domiciliary work can make to customers’ lives can be vast, but it also has a profound impact on the lives of those who go out and do the tests every day. Changing the lives of societies’ most vulnerable people with something as simple as an eye test and getting to know interesting people along the way, makes for a role that’s morally rewarding like no other.

Zetun explained, “I see the difference we make every single day and how much we improve people's lives, and I just wouldn't do anything different now.” Charlotte added, “Knowing how much we help these people - it gives me a warm feeling.”

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