Domiciliary Spotlight: Deborah Sayers

Posted on November 06, 2018
Author: Lifeatspecsavers


What was your background before joining Specsavers?
I qualified in Optometry in 1997 from UMIST Manchester and then went on to work in high street multiples, hospitals and laser eye surgery.

Why domiciliary?
I was seeing increasing amounts of vulnerable patients in my previous role and I realised that this was where I was getting the most job satisfaction. So, I took part in a domiciliary taster day with Specsavers Home Visits and really loved it, which led to this great opportunity. It not only challenged me professionally, but it has also given me a huge sense of pride to know the difference I am making in my own community.

It brings together all of the skills I have learnt throughout my career to provide an invaluable service to the most vulnerable people in our society. I enjoy the fact that no two days are the same and I am constantly amazed at how grateful people are to receive the service we provide.

What does a day on the road look like for you?
I meet my Optical Assistant at the pre-arranged location who then drives us around the scheduled venues. Our days are really varied but last no longer than a store day, and we always work at the pace of our patients. Between locations I have time to check emails and call colleagues, so when we are in a venue we can focus on the patient’s needs.

The day varies depending on whether we are testing patients in their own homes or within a care home setting. When our schedulers plan the route of our day, they consider the travel times, the environment you will be testing in and the time required with each patient. We perform significantly less tests per day than you would in a high street optician, typically seeing 7 patients a day.

How does your work in domiciliary help you give something back in your local community?
I live in a rural village in North Wales and see the changing demographics right in front of me. Often when we see patients in their homes we are the first people they have seen that day or even that week. The service we offer ensures that domiciliary patients receive the same excellent standards of care and value that everyone else can access at Specsavers on the high street. By providing this care for elderly and infirmed patients, we are improving their everyday quality of life and enabling them to remain a part of our communities for longer.

Describe the culture of Specsavers Home Visits in three words:
Professional, caring, trustworthy.

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