Five Things that have Changed Alison’s Life as an Optometrist

Posted on November 22, 2018
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

Since making a career move to Specsavers in Milton Keynes, Resident Optometrist Alison Davis is thriving in her new role. As someone who has a drive to develop and a passion for their community, Milton Keynes Specsavers has proved itself to be a place where Alison can truly flourish. Here are just five of the many things that have changed Alison’s life as an Optometrist since starting her new role:

1. Saying hello to three-day weekends off.
In an industry where weekend work is the norm, you can’t blame Alison for relishing in the alternate three-day weekends she has off at Specsavers, and her newfound work-life balance: “Every other week I get Saturday, Sunday and Monday off work – it’s really great. Previously I would always have one day off at a time and there were never two days together, so it’s really nice to be able to have that time at the weekend to relax and spend time with friends and family.”

2. Support with clinical development.
When it came to looking for her next career step, it was so important to Alison that she found a store that would help her develop clinically: “I knew about the work Specsavers was doing with Enhanced Services because when I researched online, I could only ever see Specsavers events. That was one of the things that made me really look at the company. I’ve now completed the online component of my MECs and going forward, I’d be keen to go down the independent prescribing route too - it’s really exciting!”

3. A welcoming team of like-minded people.
Coming from a small practice where she was the only qualifiedprofessional, Alison is enjoying the culture at Milton Keynes and being part of a team of like-minded clinicians: “The team is so lovely and it’s been really easy to settle in. In my previous role there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to meet other clinicians, whereas at Milton Keynes we have six people testing at one time and it’s so nice to talk to other optometrists and compare notes! That second opinion can be really valuable.”

4. A shared passion for giving something back.
Alison felt an affinity with the Milton Keynes store when she learned of their shared passion for giving back to the community: “Before I went for my interview, I looked online and saw what the store had been doing for the local community and got really excited as I’d done some similar things where I lived before. I saw they supported a walk for the local hospice, and I thought - it’s meant to be, I want to apply there!”

5. Saying goodbye to paper-based systems.
For someone who has only worked with paper-based systems previously, Alison has been reaping the benefits of Specsavers’ computer-based systems and twenty-minute clinics: “In terms of volume, I found it harder to stick to twenty-five-minute testing when I was using a paper-based system than I do to stick to twenty minutes at Specsavers, because the systems are just so efficient.”

Alison was successful in securing her new role with the help of Specsavers Recruitment Services. The team were able to help Alison - who was moving house as well as jobs - by accessing considerable financial support to aid her relocation. With the help of this funding, Alison was able to have a stress-free move and focus on her next exciting career step.

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