Audiology Spotlight: Reading

Posted on January 24, 2019
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

Before we start talking about your practice, can you tell us a bit about your journey to becoming an Audiology Partner at Specsavers:
I started out as a Dietitian and worked in the NHS community for 8 years. During my last two years there, I wrote a nutrition course for health care practitionerswhich I delivered at the local university.
I realised when teaching, that I really enjoyed studying again and my husband, who is an Optical Partner at Specsavers, told me about the Audiology side of the business starting in Berkshire.

Having hearing loss myself, I was keen to learn more about treatments so I applied for the course through Specsavers. I joined Specsavers in December 2006, where I completed a Hearing Aid Dispensing course and qualified in February 2008. There was an opportunity at that time to become a Partner in the Reading store and, having heard the ethos of the company, I was keen to join the business.

How would you describe the team in your Audiology business?
We are a team made up of Audiologists, trainee Audiologists, Hearing Care Assistants and two administrators. We are a large and friendly team who support and encourage each other.

How have you supported the career development of Audiologists in your business?
Three of our staff have joined from the optics team, starting out either as Hearcare Administrators or Trainee Hearcare Assistants. Two of these team members have gone onto become Hearing Aid Audiologists and we have another two as Hearcare Assistants training as Trainee Hearing Aid Dispensers. Two of our team have also been interested in becoming partners and have started the Pathway induction programme.

How is your store driving forward Audiology in your local community? 
We’re always providing the most up-to-date service possible, including the best equipment for clinicians and regional support services for all patients. We are also IQIPS accredited.

How would you describe the patient base of your business?
Approximately half NHS and half private.

What clinical and technological advances has your business introduced?
We provide hearing aids that stream direct to phone and assistive listening devices that provide enormous assistance helping patients in combination with their hearing aids. We also provide micro-suction wax removal, which has been extremely popular.

Describe the culture of your Specsavers business in three words:
Integrity, accountability and honesty.

What advice would you give an Audiologist looking to join Specsavers?
There are various opportunities for career growth and development combined with the emphasis on patient care. If you’re ambitious, keen to join a fast-paced team and passionate about Audiology… it’s a no-brainer.

Finally, what does your business have planned for the future?
A successful company where we are always at the forefront of the profession and the services we provide.

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