How Do Apprenticeships Help us #BlazeATrail? Specsavers Chesterfield’s Story

Posted on March 06, 2019
Author: Lifeatspecsavers

We asked Allissa Charlesworth, Optometrist Partner at Specsavers Chesterfield, how hiring Apprentices helped her to #BlazeATrail in her store:

Benefit - How has your store benefited from employing Apprentices?
The commitment and determination of Apprentices is so impressive, and the energy they bring to our store environment has been a massive inspiration across the team. They are willing to learn and adaptand tend to progress very quickly into varied areas. We now have former Apprentices finishing University level education and stepping into senior roles within our Professional Team.

Learn - What have you learnt through Apprenticeships and what would you say to anyone considering hiring one?
An Apprenticeship is a win-win situation. In the short term you get great value and a blank canvas to work with, and as time goes on the benefits multiply for both the business and the individual themselves. You can work together to ‘grow your own’ perfect employee to fulfil their ambitions and the needs your business has. I would definitely say - go for it, and always think big!

Aspire - An Apprentice’s view on what their Apprenticeship has enabled them to achieve
“I was unsure what to do when I left school, but I decided to take a Retail Apprenticeship with Specsavers, which would give me the best of both worlds - I could learn on the job. Fast forward to now, I’m working towards a degree in Audiology atAnglia Ruskin University, and I’m beyond grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and everything I’ve learned with Specsavers”.

Zest - Why are we and our Apprentices passionate about the value the Apprenticeship brings?
Apprenticeship is at the heart of our business plan, and a big part of our store culture of giving back to the community. We love to see people achieve and exceed their goals. What better way to add value to our town than by helping local people realise their ambitions and develop a career that will last a lifetime?

Energise – What is the cultural impact of hiring Apprentices?
The energy and enthusiasm our Apprentices have is contagious, and the whole team comes together to develop them across all areas. That way, when they achieve success it feels like a success for the entire store and is always a massive boost! Watching them grow reminds the wider team that there is always opportunity to progress - and that applies to every single person we employ.

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