Specsavers believe in #BalanceforBetter

Posted on March 08, 2019
Author: Sam Reed

A balanced world is a better world. We are celebrating women's achievements. Help us raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.

Dame Mary Perkins, Co-Founder

'I remember being at school in the 1950s when most girls didn't do science A Levels, instead they became secretaries, nurses, teachers (or wives and mothers). However, I needed three sciences to study optometry at Cardiff University, where there were only five women in my year (fewer in the previous year!) How different things are now. It shows we have come a long way but there is still considerable progress to be made.  

'At Specsavers we work closely with schools and colleges to ensure women are better prepared for the workplace through our pre-registration optometry programme and student summer placements and I would encourage more businesses to do this. 

'Women, generally, are often reluctant to shout about their achievements and to draw attention to their successes. We encourage women wherever they work in Specsavers to talk up their successes. My one bit of advice which I have always practiced is "Fake self-confidence!" and don't try for perfection.

'I am extremely proud to be patron of 'everywoman', an amazing group that so actively promotes the merits and talents of women and the vital contribution they make to the economy. I am also involved in a number of national and international charities, including Modern Muse, a charity founded by everywoman that inspires and empowers girls to make more informed career decisions. At Specsavers we believe in #BalanceForBetter and we encourage everyone to contribute to initiatives that focus on driving change for women at all levels.'

Sarah Marshall, Optometry Partner and UK Board Member

“Better the Balance, Better the World? Of course! But why?

It shouldn’t matter if you’re male or female. It’s the results that count and how you achieve them. But how?

Often there are few examples within a business, of female leaders, so where will the inspiration and role models come from? It is up to all of us, to encourage women to apply for lead roles, they have the skills, but often just need a bit of a nudge to get to those senior roles.

Within Specsavers, we have 6 women on the UK board, so I’ve been extremely lucky to have these inspirational women set an example. This then filters down to the leadership team and the partners and managers within the stores. There is no shortage of opportunities for women within Specsavers, whether it’s retail, IT, management, property, buying or any other parts of our business. If only all businesses were like ours! Well we’re getting there, just don’t give up.”