Kickstarting Something Incredible - Laura’s Career Journey

Posted on May 09, 2019
Author: Lifeatspecsavers


Laura Mitchell, Contact Lens Manager and Trainee Hearing Aid Dispenser, tells us about her inspiring and diverse career journey to with Specsavers so far.

2013 – Laura started a part-time job as a Contact Lens Assistant

“I started working at Specsavers Worcester as a Contact Lens Assistant two days a week when I was in college. I absolutely loved it and I looked forward to my days at work more than college, which made me realise that this was something I should focus on. I worked part-time for six months and when I finished my college course a full-time vacancy came up, so I went for it. I really wanted to get my teeth into it and see where it would take me.”

2015 – Ready for more responsibility, Laura was promoted to Contact Lens Supervisor

“I was working really hard and my manager was pleased with my performance, so she talked to me about becoming a Contact Lens Supervisor. I didn’t think I could enjoy my job more than I already did but it just got better and better. It was a big step up, but I found I was more of a leader than I ever knew – and Specsavers definitely saw it in me before I saw it in myself. My directors pushed me and they gave me that opportunity because they saw my potential, which kickstarted something incredible.”

2016 – Laura took an interest in Audiology and branched into a Hearcare Assistant role

“I branched into the Hearcare department when I was a Contact Lens Supervisor. We had a lot of audiology patients coming to the Contact Lens department who I’d assist and I just had a talent for it. I liked learning about it and picked it up quickly. So, I spoke to Mike, my Hearcare Director, and he recommended the Hearcare Assistant course. I qualified in August 2017 as a Hearcare Assistant while I was also working as a Contact Lens Supervisor three days a week.”

2017 – Laura was promoted again to Contact Lens Manager

“I knew becoming a Manager was something I wanted to do and everyone around me was so supportive. I completed ILM Level Two I also had the support the other managers in the store who guided me along the way. My Directors, Dean and Alan, were so helpful. They’re fantastic and set an inspiring example - they are two people I really look up to.”

Present – Still the Contact Lens Manager, Laura is also a Trainee Hearing Aid Dispenser

“I’m now training to become a Hearing Aid Dispenser and I absolutely love it - although it is challenging. I am doing the condensed course at De Montfort University in Leicester with the support of Mike, my Hearcare Director. I should be qualified really soon!”

Future Goals – To become a Specsavers Hearcare Director one day

“My goal for the future would be to do Specsavers Pathway and become a Hearcare Partner one day - that certainly is a big goal of mine. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come already though, I feel like if you come into a Specsavers and give it your all, you can make a real difference.”

As you can see, there really is no limit to what you can achieve in a career with Specsavers. To find out more about where Specsavers could take you, why not speak to our careers team about opportunities near you?

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